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May 2021 Meeting Minutes

RAMS May Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2021


  Call to Order at 1:00 pm by RAMS President Greg LieVan at Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, Shelter 3.

There were 16 RAMS and 12 motorcycles present for the Meeting.

  1. We have a new member for this month.

Clint Madison who lives in Williford, AR and rides an R1200 GSA.

2. We have 67 new and returning members for 2021.

3. Guest introductions? Barry Phillips returned in his role as perpetual guest.

4. Thanks to Meeting Host: The RAMS


New Business

  1. RAMS Donut Saturday at Performance Plus has been approved by Performance Plus and will return on May 29, 2021 at 0900.  Greg will bring Donuts for May but Volunteers are needed for the rest of the year.


Rally News

  1. The President and the Secretary/Treasurer made a visit to the Pickwick Lake area to look at the State Park Campground and the TVA Campground to get an idea of their “motorcycle friendly” terrain and to meet the management.
  2. Both sites were judged to be compatible with motorcycle camping and both sites management were welcoming.  The TVA Campground has better restrooms and has more level space but the State Park allows more tents on each campsite.  The State Park would appear better for RV use as the sites are better screened from each other.
  3. Spencer & Rosey Bennett are hosting the June Meeting as a Friday/Saturday Campout/Dayride event at the TVA Campground to give RAMS Members a chance to come over and look at both sites so they can determine where is best for them at the October Campout. Campsites 12-14 have been reserved for the RAMS use.


VP Corner

  1. VP Jimmie Smith thanked everyone who showed up for the ride to the May Meeting.  The group felt he once again did a great job of ride leading and enjoyed the opportunity to practice turn arounds on a narrow country road.  Only way to improve your skill is to practice it.


Old Business.

  1. If anyone still does not have their picture in the online directory, please see Spencer or Rosey.


2. If you would like a RAMS Patch (old Logo only), decal (old and new Logos) or need RAMS business cards, please get with Spencer.


For the Good of the Club


  1. Check RAMS Website for other Club’s Rally Schedules.  Please follow up on each event’s web site as some may be rescheduled or cancelled due to State or local Covid situations.  Note that the Arkansas Club (Naturally Beemers) campout is next weekend in Morrilton, AR.  Contact Charlie Bishop or Joe Barber (both in the RAMS Directory) for full information and directions.


2. John McWhorter still has some Covid Masks with assorted BMW Emblems (or BDU) available for $10 each.


3. 2021 Dues were due on January 1, 2021 and may be paid either by Cash or Check to the Secretary/Treasurer or via PayPal or Credit Card on the RAMS                    Website.


4. We need hosts and locations for RAMS Meeting for the rest of 2021 as it looks like this “in person” meeting thing will catch on.

The current list is:

June – Spencer & Rosey Bennett - Pickwick Lake Campout

July – Open

August – Art & Crystal Manchester – My Favorite Place Restaurant

September – Steve & Donna Clark – Their Home

October – Open

November – Paul Rhodes

December – Haavi Morriem (tentative)


5. Fred Bradley asked that you identify yourself in the body of any RAMS emails as his server does not show who is responding to group emails and it is difficult                   to know who he is communication with.


6. The June 2021 RAMS Meeting will be held on June 12, 2021:

             The location is:

TVA Below the Dam Campground

Campsites 12, 13, 14

1845 Wharf Rd.

Savannah, TN.

Tel: 865-361-9492


Lunch will be hot dogs with fixings and chips and will be served at 1200, with the meeting to follow at 1 pm.  Soft drinks and water will be provided.  We will be in the open but there are tables in the campsite.


Your Hosts are: Spencer & Rose-Anne Bennett


Free Camping is available for the first four RAMS to arrive as there is a limit of 2 tents on each site.  Anyone arriving after the first four will need to make arrangements for camping space with the Campground Office.  Full contact information will be sent in an email along with a map.  Both full service and primitive campsites are available.

7. If you have an item you would like to see on the next meeting agenda, please get it to the Secretary by the Wednesday prior to the meeting and it will be added                  to the next meeting agenda. This is not required for an item to be discussed, but it will make sure it gets in the mix.  Send the information to:                                       




Treasurer's report:

  1. Balance in Bank plus petty cash = $7711.91
  2. Petty cash = $ 50.00
  3. Expenses this month:

Zoom = $16.04

Dreamhost = $6.00

Shelter Rental = $84.12

Move to adjourn:  John McWhorter

Second:   Spencer Bennett

Vote: Unanimous