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February 2022 Meeting Minutes

RAMS February Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2022

Call to Order at 1:25 pm by RAMS President Greg LieVan at Friday Tuna in Cordova, TN.

There were 16 RAMS, and 1 motorcycle present for the Meeting.


  1. We have 1 new member for this month.

Randy Brown who lives in Collierville, TN and rides an R1200 GS.

2. We have 43 new and returning members for 2022.

3. We had 1 guest this month:

Charles Calvert from Jackson, TN.

4. Thanks to Meeting Host: Art Manchester IV


New Business

  1. No new business this month.


 RAMS Campout Update

  1. No updates on the RAMS Fall Campout for this month.  Still waiting for the Campground to re-open in March.



VP Corner

  1. VP had nothing to report/discuss this month.


Old Business.

  1. If anyone still does not have their picture in the online directory, please see Spencer or Rosey.


  1. If you would like a RAMS Patch (old Logo only), decal (old and new Logos) or need RAMS business cards, please get with Spencer.



For the Good of the Club

  1. Check RAMS Website for other Club’s Rally Schedules.  Please follow up on each event’s web site as some may be rescheduled or cancelled due to State or local Covid situation. 2022
  2. Dues are $25.00 and were due on January 1, 2022. They may be paid either by Cash or Check to the Secretary/Treasurer or via PayPal or Credit Card on the RAMS                      Website.
  3.  The Reelfoot Ride to Eat will be held on April 2, 2022.  The meal will be at Boyette's Dining Room, 10 Boyette Rd, Tiptonville, TN 38079 and the y open at 1100.  Robert Rehkopf           has  two "Eagles Tours" planned, one at 9 am and one at 2 pm.  Their will likely be an organized ride from Memphis so watch your email.
  4. The March RAMS Meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2022 but we do not yet have a location.  An email will be sent when we know where it will be.
  5. Donuts at the Dealer will try to start up again on February 26, 2022' If you have an item you would like to see on the next meeting agenda, please get it to the Secretary by the Wednesday prior to the meeting and it will be added to the next meeting agenda. This is not required for an item to be discussed, but it will make sure it gets in the mix.  Send the information to:


Treasurer's report:

  1. Balance in Bank plus petty cash = $6711.94
  2. Petty Cash = $50.00
  3. Expenses this month:

Hostgator = $39.57


Move to adjourn:  Paul Rhodes

Second: John McWhorter

Vote: Unanimous