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August 1981 Newsletter - Loretta Lynn MOA National Review


This newsletter has a review of the BMWMOA National at Loretta Lynn's - for a quite a few years it was largest National in terms of attendees.

There is also mention of an August 8th club event at SC Rose's place on Horseshoe Lake in Arkansas.  I had previously had no contact with any BMW riders seeing as I had owned my 1972 R75/5 for a few months at that time.  I don't recall how that I happened to hear about Rose's event but I did manage to find my way over from mid town Memphis.  My memory is that I rode through the gate of the Rose property and before I even got off the bike, Spencer Bennett was welcoming me to the event and simultaneously handing me a membership form.  That was a long time ago.

I still have that R75/5.  😉

Bill Thompson

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