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The BMW Riders Association of the Mid-South is a non-profit organization of BMW motorcycle owners from the Mid-South region and beyond. We range in experience from "newbies" to "seasoned" riders.  Our rides range from vintage airheads to the latest-and-greatest BMWs. We are a diverse, multi-generational group with a common goal of promoting camaraderie and the motorcycle riding experience!

Our meetings are held monthly in varying locations, hosted by members. We invite you to attend our meetings and get to know us!

New members will be subscribed to the members-only mailing list and their information provided for the annual membership directory unless otherwise requested.

Annual dues are $25, due on January 1.  New members who join in October, November, or December are paid through the following year.  Dues may be paid by PayPal or by personal check. Please make checks payable to "BMW RAMS". 

New members must also complete and submit the online BMW RAMS Membership Application  (PayPal link included) or complete and mail the PDF version with payment.

For more information, please contact our Secretary-Treasurer at .





The BMW RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF THE MID-SOUTH (BMW RAMS) is a BMW motorcycle owners organization founded for the purpose of promoting association among BMW motorcycle owners. It is intended that the BMW RAMS, Inc. serve as a medium to afford members a means of expanding contact with other BMW motorcycle owners in the Mid-South area and with other BMW motorcycle organizations.


1. Each Voting Member must either own a BMW motorcycle or be a spouse of a person owning a BMW motorcycle and pay yearly dues.

2. All Voting Members must pay $25.00 per year in dues.

3. BMW RAMS, Inc. will be chartered by the BMW MOTORCYCLE OWNERS OF AMERICA, Inc. and also by the BMW RIDERS ASSOCIATION, Inc.

4. Any Legal Incorporation of the BMW RAMS, Inc. shall be in the state of Tennessee.

5. The BMW RAMS, Inc. will have three officers, elected annually. These Officers will be: President; Vice-President; and Secretary-Treasurer. Their duties and responsibilities shall be:

A. President :

1) Preside at BMW RAMS business meetings and BMW RAMS sponsored events.

2) Conduct BMW RAMS business, including maintaining of the BMW RAMS as a non-profit corporation in the state of Tennessee.

3) When appropriate, determine the selection of a chairman for BMW RAMS sponsored events.

4) Determine the time and location of association meetings.

B. Vice-President:

1) Substitutes for the President in his absence.

2) Sees to it that a monthly newsletter is prepared and presented on a timely basis.

3) Maintains contact with the BMW MOA and BMW RA, informing these organizations of changes in BMW RAMS status.

4) Organizes and plans, during temperate months, association rides.

C. Secretary-Treasurer:

1) Maintains custody of BMW RAMS funds and provides monthly reports.

2) Procure and maintain custody of BMW RAMS supplies.

3) Publish and maintain the BMW RAMS membership roster.

4) Responsible for maintaining minutes of each business meeting.

6. An elected official can be removed from office for not performing properly the duties of the elected office. A member in good standing can make a motion for a recall vote if a second to the motion is present. The vote has to be taken at the next two consecutive monthly business meetings. A 2/3 majority of votes by members present is required to remove the elected official from office.

7. Election of officers shall be at the January business meeting. Officers will assume the duties of their elected positions at this meeting as soon as the vote is taken.

8. The BMW RAMS business year shall be from January 1 to December 31.

9. No formation riding, uniform dress or projects will be imposed on members.

10. In the even of dissolution of the BMW RAMS, Inc. funds left in the treasury after all bills are paid, will go to a charity selected by a majority vote.

11. BMW RAMS, Inc. is not responsible for actions taken by members.

12. These By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present at two consecutive meetings after advance notice is given to all members, by mail,

13. The current edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order” will be used for any situation not covered by these By-Laws.

2017 RAMS Monthly Club Meetings

Lunch begins at 12 noon; Meetings begin at 1:30pm unless noted otherwise






January  7

Old Timers Restaurant
7918 C St
Millington, TN 38053


Election of 2017 RAMS Officers

February 11

 Southern Eatery
130 East College Ave.
Holly Springs, MS  38635
 Jonathan Gifford

March 18

Bennett Hangar House
1780 Green Village Drive,
Hernando, MS  38632
(corner of Robertson Gin Rd and Green Village Drive)
Spencer & Rose-Anne Bennett,
Rick & Susie Coffman

Tech Session starts at 0800; Lunch at 1200; Meeting at 1:30PM
*Grass/Gravel Hangar Driveway entrance on Robinson Gin Rd *

April 8

Village Creek State Park
201 County Road 754
Wynne, Arkansas 72396

(870) 238-9406
Mike & Barbara Dale,
Spencer & Rose-Anne Bennett
During the 33rd Annual Doo-Dah Sidecar Rally & Tax Revolt  (weekend campout)

May 13

 Drifters Diner
76 Arsenal Lane,
Lavinia, TN 38348-2600
 Everette Blanchard

(formerly known as Mama Judy's)

June 10

 Hartwood Campground, Waterloo, AL  Mike Hart  

July 8

Olympic Steak and Pizza
10862 HWY 51 South
Atoka, TN 38004
Teresa Craig

August 12

My Favorite Place
880 N Germantown Parkway, 

Cordova, TN 38018
Art Manchester & family

September 9

1800 Black Bear Circle East
Cordova TN 38016
Donna & Steve Clark

SUNDAY, October 1

"Rally Central" at
2017 RAMS Rally
Parkers Crossroads RV Park



November 11

Joe's Restaurant
1410 W. Market Street
Bolivar, TN  38008
Paul Rhodes

December 9

Home of
Haavi Morreim
8343 Stavanger Cv
Memphis, TN 38018
RAMS RAMS Christmas Party