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RAMS November Meeting Minutes

RAMS November Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2021

Call to Order at 1pm by RAMS President Greg LieVan at Shelter 1, Chickasaw State Park, Henderson, TN. There were 14 RAMS, and 7 motorcycles present for the Meeting.

  1. We have 2 new members for this month.

Mary Clark who rides an F650 GS and Lives in Cordova, TN.

Tom Jerdon who rides an R1200 RT and Lives in Memphis, TN.

  1. We have 72 new and returning members for 2021.
  2. 2 guests this month: Doreen and Mrs Lee who came with Paul Rhodes
  3. Thanks to Meeting Host: Paul Rhodes


New Business

  1. There was no new business for this month.


 RAMS Campout Update

  1. The Secretary/Treasurer asked for a headcount of those planning to attend the 2022 RAMS Campout so he could have an idea of how many campsites to reserve. 13 RAMS indicated that they would attend.


  1. The Secretary/Treasurer will contact the Campground Management and discuss rental prices and possible use of the “primitive sites” for 2022 as well as site occupancy limits post Covid Pandemic.


  1. Projected date for the 2022 RAMS Campout will be September 23 & 24, 2022. This date was selected because the RA National Rally is in Waynesville, NC (again) and will be September 29 -October 2, 2022.  Falling Leaf and Barber are also projected to be October 7-9, 2022.




VP Corner

  1. VP had nothing to report/discuss this month.


Old Business.

  1. If anyone still does not have their picture in the online directory, please see Spencer or Rosey.


  1. If you would like a RAMS Patch (old Logo only), decal (old and new Logos) or need RAMS business cards, please get with Spencer.


For the Good of the Club

  1. Check RAMS Website for other Club’s Rally Schedules.  Please follow up on each event’s web site as some may be rescheduled or cancelled due to State or local Covid situations


  1. The question of having Shelter Canopies at the MOA and RA Nationals for 2022 was brought up by the Secretary/Treasurer. After discussion it was decided that the RAMS will rent shelter canopies at both National Rallies in 2022.  The Secretary/Treasurer was tasked with following up on this at the appropriate time.


  1. Officer Nominations for 2022 (Thanks Steve Clark) was opened by President Greg LieVan.


The following nominations were made at the October Meeting:


Spencer Bennett - Nominated by Steve Clark, Seconded by Paul Whitworth

Vice President:

Jimmie Smith – Nominated by Paul Whitworth, Seconded by Spencer Bennett


Greg LieVan – Nominated by Spencer Bennett, Seconded by Paul Whitworth

There were no additional nominations at the November Meeting, but Nominations will be re-opened at the December Meeting to allow the greatest participation in the election.  It will also be possible to make nominations at the January Election Meeting just prior to the election.



  1. Need volunteers for Donuts at the Dealer for November, and December. RAMS will reimburse you for costs.  See Greg LieVan if interested.


  1. 2022 Dues are $25.00 and are due on January 1, 2022. They may be paid either by Cash or Check to the Secretary/Treasurer or via PayPal or Credit Card on the RAMS Website.


  1. The December 2021 RAMS Meeting and Christmas Party will be held on November 11, 2021, beginning at 6 pm.

The location is:

Haavi Morreim’s Home

8343 Stavanger Cv.

Memphis, TN 38018

Phone: 901-755-7479

The Party will start at 6 pm.  Meal entre will be furnished by the RAMS and members should bring a side dish or dessert to share.  Soft drinks and water will be furnished, and you should bring anything else you wish to drink.


There will likely not be a ride to the meeting, so no need to watch your e-mails for time and assembly points.


  1. If you have an item you would like to see on the next meeting agenda, please get it to the Secretary by the Wednesday prior to the meeting and it will be added to the next meeting agenda. This is not required for an item to be discussed, but it will make sure it gets in the mix.  Send the information to:




Treasurer's report:

  1. Balance in Bank plus petty cash = $5640.98
  2. Petty Cash = $50.00
  3. Expenses this month:

Dreamhost = $6.00

Donuts = $28.22

Move to adjourn:  Paul Rhodes

Second: Paul Whitworth

Vote: Unanimous