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Swap Meet

Come one, come all!  


Searching for that special part for your vintage BMW bike?  Interested in finding nifty new-to-you riding gear? Stop by the RAMS Members' Swap Meet adjacent to "Rally Central".  Hang out and chew the fat with Market Meister Marshall Robilio.

  • Friday -  10:00 AM  OPEN    close  5:00 PM 
  • Saturday  9:00  AM OPEN  ---- CLOSE  3:00 PM   (before the drawing )   
    Note ----- Sellers would need to pickup what items are not sold by 5:00 PM 
  • Sunday -  Closed  -   pack & leave
New for this year will be a Bulletin board for Items not brought to the Rally such as, Bikes, Cars, Tools, Camping gear or what have you.  Make a moderate size posting including item, price, picture if you like and your name and phone number.
Here also are a few important requests so that we may do a better job for the seller and to keep things organized
1. Seller to give us a list of items for sale and appropriate detail of what bike it fits
2. Pre priced tags on items with their name – so we can keep individuals monies separate  
3. Cell #s of sellers in cases of offers below tagged prices on expensive items or agreed % off ,  
4. Transportation of items to the rally site as the total responsibility of the seller and also pickup of left over items after rally.
5. If a complete and running bike is for sale we would ask that the seller to be available by cell phone etc. and personally finalize the deal individually with the buyer --- test ride – title details etc.
Motorcycle parts and related Items for sale (preferably BMW) can be brought to us almost at any time we are close by or have the Swap market open through out the weekend..   
 This is a free service, no commissions charged.
 We will do our best to sell your items.

Marshall R.